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Please say no to racism
To Racism

This is a call to the youth of Australia.

Register your school in our anti-racism campaign. Alternatively register yourself and receive updates and information on racism around the world and in Australia

Fight racism and put an end to prejudice, hatred and intolerance of other cultures. Including our own Aborigine culture. Australia is a multi-racial country and it is these cultures that have largely contributed in making Australia the great country it has become.

Register now telling us your name, school, age, town and country you live in and email address. If you can, tell us why you think racism has to be stopped. Inciting racial hatred is illegal, but still governments are complicit in maintaining racist policies.

The root of racism is ignorance, show the racists around you that you will not tolerate racist ignorance any longer.What is racism? read through our webpages and send us your feedback. Flyers available for your school



"I want to live in a society where no one is judged by the colour of their skin - we're all beautiful and we're all equal!".....Ms Dynamite


Running a campaign is a significant challenge. It is difficult to get a message out to as many people as possible in a short time. This web site is a great way to quickly introduce ourselves and educate visitors on the key issues of the campaign.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site to make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or need further information.

Our Candidate

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We may include a photograph of the candidate we are supporting in this area, along with some biographical information.

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Each Man Has An Equal Right, Regardless Of Colour or Race